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ACP realizes that each organization has their own unique needs. For some organisations, appropriate content might come from within the organization through painstaking research or through trial & error. For others, useful content might simply emerge by leveraging the expertise of ACP’s in-house content developers

There isn’t only one roadmap to eLearning content development. The size of the team, the size of the project, the nature of the courseware and the particular demands of the client are deciding factors that can affect the setup and development  in significant ways.


What ACP can offer

With 19 years of experience in content development, ACP has developed into an all-rounded service gamut in the e-learning sphere that covers the complete spectrum of online learning and knowledge sharing. From modular content development to knowledge management, ACP has been and will continue to develop and offer top-notch solutions and services to cater to all your needs. Our vast amount of knowledge and domain expertise has resulting in us developing e-learning courseware to disseminate the intended information for our end users.

We can develop different levels of interactive eLearning content:

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ACP’s content developer has come up with a Modular-based spiral-learning approach to facilitate higher knowledge acquisition and reinforcement of vital information. Conceptually, each module within a course contains different elements that represent different concerns which improve manageability by enforcing logical boundaries between components. The elements defined in one course module can thus be detected by other modules within the same course.


Our Clients

Capitaland – IT Security eLearning Content


IRAS – iSec (IT Security) and Procurement Policy Content

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