ICM Learning Roadmap

An ICM Learning Roadmap has been developed as a guide by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in structuring progressive ICM training in various ICM domains. It will be helpful for all teachers-in-charge running Infocomm Clubs in local Singaporean schools and also for interested students who aspire towards particular roles in ICM.

As an overview, the roadmap covers 8 road maps under 4 functional domain areas of Application Development, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Robotics & Makers.

The Core roadmap will allow students to better appreciate different facets of ICM through a progressive set of ICM-related activities. To download a copy of the ICM Learning Roadmap, click here.

To help schools expose their students to the areas under the ICM Learning Roadmap, training will be provided by IMDA for Infocomm Clubs.


Training Course Application

Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Schools to look through available training courses through the IM Talent Portal.

Step 2: Schools to email training vendors for further clarification on course contents if required and ensure they meet the hardware and software requirements.

Step 3: Schools to email IMDA on intent to select a training course within the first week of the month. *Principal must be cc-ed in the request email.

Step 4: IMDA to confirm course after a face-to-face confirmation meeting (MANDATORY)* between the vendor and school.

NOTE: Schools with Teachers-in-Charge who were previously involved in the ICT Learning Roadmap have to option to be excused from the confirmation meeting. An email confirmation from both the vendor and school to IMDA stating that both parties are in full knowledge and acceptance of the expectation and deliverables from the engagement will be required in this instance.

Step 5: Training is conducted.

Step 6: School to help monitor for training quality every session and provide feedback.

Download the email template here.

To facilitate the processing of the requests, schools need to adhere to the following timeline:

Time Action
1st to 7th day of the month To email IMDA on your intent to take up a course following the format of the email request template
Before the Confirmation Meeting Receive email to link up your school and the Infocomm Club Appointed Vendor
14th day of the month (if it falls on a non-working day, the date will be brought forward to the next earliest working day) Confirmation Meeting
Face-to-face meeting between school teacher and training vendor to finalise all requirements and expectations for both parties
Before end of the month Receive official confirmation from IMDA
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