Articulate 360

ACP is the Authorised Sole Reseller of Articulate® in the Philippines.

ACP is very pleased to offer you the easiest and fastest authoring tool available today.

Articulate® 360. 

Articulate 360 simplifies the entire course development process, from start to finish. With a single subscription, you’ll have everything you need to author multi-device courses, source assets, collaborate with stakeholders, and grow your e-learning skills. Author multi-device courses – includes every Articulate authoring application—updated continuously with new features — so you’ll always have the right tool for every project.



Storyline 360

Create custom interactive courses – Build any course you can imagine, for any device imaginable. It takes just minutes to create virtually any interaction under the sun with award-winning Storyline. Now with a responsive player, Storyline 360 courses look great on every device without any manual tweaking. Featuring gesture support and mobile-friendly playback controls, the responsive player dynamically adapts to smartphone and tablet screens, providing an optimal view of your Storyline 360 course on every single device your learners use.



Build fully responsive courses – Create inherently responsive courses right from your web browser with Rise. Every mobile-optimized lesson in Rise is easy to build and beautiful to behold. Simply add text and media—Rise does the rest. Get learners swiping, tapping, and fully engaged with labeled graphic, timeline, sorting, and process interactions. Build custom lessons by stacking dozens of multimedia, interactive, and text-based learning blocks any way you want. Assess learners with multiple-choice quizzes. You can even create lessons from existing content by embedding web content or uploading video files.


Studio 360

Transform PowerPoints into courses – Studio 360 is an easy way to create multi-device courses in PowerPoint. Add scenarios, web objects, screencasts, and characters to existing content in minutes. Create form-based interactions in seconds. And easily create assessments to test learners any way you want. Now with a responsive course player, Studio 360 content works perfectly on every device.



Create informal training on your iPad – Preso makes it easy and fun to develop informal training videos on your iPad. Narrate and annotate slides with simple swipes, taps, and gestures. Walk learners through slide content with audio. And guide them visually with pans and zooms, pen or pointer highlights, and drawings.



Record quick screencasts – Easily record screencasts on your Mac or PC. Peek is always just a click away. In just minutes you can record, preview, and upload Peek screencasts to Articulate 360, download them for your LMS, or share them easily using a unique URL.


Replay 360

Record and edit personalized screencasts – Walk learners through on-screen content by capturing screen activity and yourself on webcam—at the same time. With Articulate Replay 360, it’s super simple to create professional-looking screencasts with a personal touch

Start your free Articulate 360 trial – Articulate 360 is all you need to author multi-device courses, source assets, collaborate with stakeholders, and grow your e-learning skills. Try it free for 30 days!


Other articulate products also available

Articulate Storyline 2
storylinenewArticulate Storyline 2 lets you build engaging interactive courses quickly and easily. It’s simple enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for experts. Create virtually any interaction you can imagine, in minutes. Try it out today
Articulate Online
Articulate Online is an intuitive way to track and report how your audience interacts with e-learning content. A great alternative to a traditional learning management system as it provides just the right features. Understand more with the User Guide.
Articulate Studio
Articulate Studio – Use a tool you already know to create presentation-based courses quickly and easily. Build your courses in PowerPoint, easily adding ideas, assessments, interactions, and more to your slide-based e‑learning content.
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