Mobile App Developer Jr (Newbie)

What is covered in the course?

AppMakr is an easy app creation platform that lets anyone make their own iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile formatted websites —with no coding required. We believe in apps for everyone, and we mean it. If you’ve got content to share, there’s an app to be made with it.

This training comes packed with enriched details for students who have strong interest in app development. It provides the students with all the essential knowledge and practical skills needed in app design.

For the students who are new to app creation (and coding in general), the course is constructed with a series of practices and an app creation project, so the students can deepen their understanding of the app design principles when they complete the course.


IMDA Course Reference No.



Suitable for Middle to Upper Primary and Lower Secondary Students



24 hours ( 12 x 2hrs ) (recommended ) Basic computing and Internet Skills


System Requirements


·   A PC with Windows OS or Mac OS
·   Web Browser & Internet Connection
(AppMakr is accessed through a web browser)
·   Gmail ID for every participant
·         1 Instructor
·         Notes for Participants





Session Course Outline
1 ·         Introduction to mobile apps
·         Example of mobile apps that you see everyday
·         How mobile apps function
2 ·         Introduction to App Makr
·         Creation of account online
·         Introduction to User interface
·         Examples of apps that can be created
3 ·         Creating and saving of App
·         Selecting a template and customizing theme for your app
4 ·         Customizing and selecting the template layout
·         Creation and uploading of icons
·         Creation of tabs layout
·         Practice: setup of 1 homepage and 2 sub page of the mobile app.
5 ·         Menu creation
·         Manage Screens and Actions
6 ·         Plugins for apps
·         Configuration of the plugins
7 ·         Brainstorming on mini project
·         Research on what their apps could add accessibility to the school website
·         Identify a website that they would like to build an mobile app for
8 ·         Planning on the layout and function for the mobile app
·         Storyboarding for the mobile app
9 ·         Mobile app development
·         Creation and linking up the content for the mobile app
10 ·         Mobile app development
·         Identify the feature required
·         Enhancing the app with plugins
11 ·         Testing of the app
·         Rectify on errors encountered
12 ·         Sharing and presenting their apps to the class.


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