Mobile App Developer Jr (Beginner)

What is covered in the course?

App Inventor for Android is an open-source web application originally provided by Google, and now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It allows newcomers to computer programming to create software applications for the Android operating system. If you are keen to learn how mobile apps are developed and want to learn key functions that mobile app performs and how to code those function, MIR App Inventor Mezzo course if for you.

The course not only covers mobile app design process but also programming fundamentals.


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Suitable for
• Middle to Upper Primary students who have some coding experience
• Lower Secondary Students and Higher Secondary Students with no experience to programming



24 hours ( 12 x 2hrs ) (recommended ) Basic computing and Internet Skills, some coding skills exposure recommended for younger participants


System Requirements


· A PC with Windows OS or Mac OS
· Web Browser & Internet Connection (AppMakr is accessed through a web browser)
· As installation is an important component, students will be taught the product installation as part of the course
· 1 Instructor
· Notes for Participants




Session Course Outline


· Introduction to mobile apps
· Example of mobile apps that you see everyday
· How mobile apps function
· Introduction to App Inventor 2


· App Inventor Setup Introduction
· App Inventor Companion App
· Setting Up Onscreen Emulator


· Component Editor Introduction
· Palette Section
· Blocks Editor, Build Options & Media Section
· Components Editor In Action


· Blocks Editor Introduction
· Blocks Drawer
· Blocks Viewer & Media Section
· Blocks Editor In Action


· Setting Up Our First Application
· Component Spotlight: Button & Label
· Creating Our First Application


· Understanding Backing Up, Restoring & Sharing App Inventor Projects
· Understanding App Inventor File Types


· Component Spotlight: Canvas & Ball
· Implement Hotspots & Upload Media
· Block Time: Simplifying Activated Bone Blocks With Procedures
· Block Time: Resetting Hotspot Colors With Procedures
· Component Spotlight: Player
· Adding Vibration To Hotspots


· Component Spotlight: ActivityStarter
· Implementing Website Activity
· Implementing Call Screen Layout – Intro To Multiple Screens
· Component Spotlight – Listview & File


· Component Spotlight – Texing, TingDB, Sponner, Time Picker & TexttoSpeech


· Project: Build an app using a pre-set template


· Project: Build an app a pre-set template
· Testing of the app
· Rectify on errors encountered


· Sharing and presenting their apps on how it benefits the people in the community


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