Bundled elearning Programs

ACP also offers bundled elearning content for those who enjoy the process of online learning and want more bang for their buck!


Our elearning training bundles are a low cost alternative to traditional modular classroom training that is present in many training organisations. Our courses endorse automation and allow trainees to be more autonomous, being able to control what they learn and how fast they learn – letting them develop at a pace that’s comfortable and conducive, with no effect on their day-to-day work cycle.


Content Emphasis for Dedicated Learning

There’s a different content emphasis  – learning industry slanted technical skills as opposed to traditional academic learning, allowing learners to pick up the right skills early on in their development and learning cycle. Courses takers become independent and responsible learners – As Singapore strives to develop itself as a Smart Nation, ACP looks to spread the same inspiration across South East Asia


The bundles that we have available:

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